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a couple of months ago(I write it on 6.11.2018)my twitter account was signed as “suspended”-so I cannot uploading new posts. There is no justified reason for it: I do not write any malicious content in my twitter account.
So how this problem can be fixed?
Assaf benyamini.
*1)the name of my twitter account: @assaftr
2)my twitter account is connected to my 029547403@walla.co.il
3)my additional email addresses: a815962@gmail.com or: hgf32urkw@gmail.com or: assaf197254@yahoo.co.il or: ass.benyamini@yandex.com or: assaf46@outlook.com
4)I am using windows 10 operating system and google chrom browser.
5)my first language is Hebrew(עברית).
: 17.12.18
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